“Is this forever?”
                 “It’s for a time.”
“But why now?”
                 “Because you must survive.”
“But why you?”
                 “You always remembered.”
“I never did.”
                 “You’re playing a game.”
“Am I?”
                 “I am.”
“You are?”
                 “Are you?”
                 “You are:”

Soil, When Seeds Are Sown,
Turns From Barren Earth To Life
Warmth. Beauty. Birdsong.

“And who is that?”
                 “A new person.”
“You never used to talk like this, Tor.”
                 “I’d never died before.”
“What’s dying like?”
                 “Don’t you remember?”
“Within the wyrm? Was it real?”
                 “Is any of this?”
“I hope so. I love you.”
                 “I know. I love you too.”
“Where next?”
                 “Where do you think I’ll be?”

leading the dance round the floor, and I follow him, and I always followed, because he was wonderful, and everything shone, and everything was possible then the children are here too, all of them, and they say

“Mother, we’ve missed you
Father, you’re home:
Beloved, our saviour, our killer
Our parent, alone.
Where did you walk to?
Where were you gone?
And will you remember”
The things that you’ve done?"

“And now I remember.”
                 “And what will you do?”
“I’ll live. I’ll live, I suppose.”
                 “And is that enough?”
                 “And what will you do?”
“I’ll fight them for you,
for the new world we’re building.”
                 “But why are you building?”
“Because growth comes from the soil.”
                 “But what if it’s barren?”
“Then seeds can be sown.”

“But mother, remember
Father, please see
Beloved, beloved, beware too an ending:
Where did you go
And where will you be?”

“I am:”

Soil, When Seeds Are Sown,
Turns –

                 “No. Liar.”

And turning and turning and turning and turning and turning and turning and I live a life of love, a thousand days or more, and it is good and right and even in this place of darkness perhaps there, too, an ending, until he speaks again to me and says:

                 “Soil. What will you do?”
“I have to continue.”
                 “And why?”
“I can’t let them hurt you.
I won’t allow pain.
This world that we’re building
You won’t die again.”
                 “And if I have to be ended?”
“There too is an ending; but
I would sacrifice silence
So that, once more,
I’ll save you that suffering.”
                 “And will I die? I am.”
“You’re dead. I won’t let you go.”
                 “I’m gone. I am.”
“I know. But I’m keeping you, so.”
                 “And will you remember?”
“I’ll always remember.”
                 “And why did you kill us?”
“Because I was told.”
                 “And why did you kill us?”
“I said, I don’t know.”
                 “And why did you kill us?”
“Because I wanted perfection.”
                 “Do you still dream of tomorrow?”
“I dream, though it’s distant.”
                 “And why did you kill us?”
“Because I wanted perfection for you.”
                 “And are we forever?”
“This too an ending.”
                 “So then who are you?”

and just for a moment the world is quiet, and still, and warm, but this too an ending

“I am:”

Soil, When Seeds Are Sown
Into Salt And Poison Ash
Shall Remain Barren."

                 “And will you?”
“That remains to be seen.”
                 “And do you love her?”
“I love you. And them, and-”
                 “And do you love xem?”
“I love them all.”
                 “And will you kill for them?”
“No force upon the world.”
                 “And will you kill us again?”
“I will deliver to you perfection.”
                 “And will you kill us again?”
“I will deliver you to perfection.”
                 “Dance with me, my lover?”
“Forever, until the next day.”

And we dance, and we dance, and the music plays,
and the sound is the sound of birdsong, at the very moment

At the very moment

At the very moment

And the dawn will come.

But this, too, an ending.
But this to an ending.

A difficult one to get across in the written form. This was a poem I wrote for a larp in which I played a nihilistic philosopher-mage who attempted to end the world as a form of murder-suicide (out of guilt from another murder-suicide). ReGenesis was… an odd game.