I was hoping to blog a lot more, but the last month or so really shot by. Here’s me posting again, though. So recovery has mostly gone well. My two wounds have in their own way mostly healed: my labia one nearly completely, though there’s a raw spot of granulation that might need treating in clinic. My other healing site is still giving some issues - this is where the episectomy was. I’m occasionally having bleeding and there’s still some proud flesh here, quite a bit more than in the other place. (To be fair, the bleeding was mostly after some, uh, some Enthusiastic Behaviour a week and half before I was allowed to even contemplate such a thing.) I have resumed dilation and that has been tricky but doable.

Recovery was hard, as I predicted. But after our trip to the Peak District that I wrote about last time, I felt I’d crossed a borderland in terms of the healing terrain. I’ve since had it checked out a couple of times by a nurse, and each time I’ve had useful advice and help. At the start of August, which is really only a month away, I have a check-up down in London: I suspect at that time I might get some minor treatment in clinic which will resolve some of the overall hanging issues.

So, yeah, shorter check-in, but I wanted to say that after all my waxing lyrical last time: I got through it. Healing is hard but it is (slow) magic.